• Vested Security
  • Dear Alan Narz,
    I would like to thank you and the TurboHR team for your ongoing support and excellent work. Based upon your company's passion and success in helping Vested Security recruit better, TurboHR has been named Vested Security's 2009 Vendor of the Year. I personally congratulate you for this prestigious award.

    I have been involved in recruiting and hiring security officers for over 15 years and have always struggled with efficiency. It seemed like whenever potential new-hires called our office about a job ad, the call would not be processed properly. Now, with TurboHR's automated recruiting service, all applicant calls are consistently processed 24-hours a day. Our advertising dollars are now more effective than ever. We receive at least 50% more qualified applicants for each advertising dollar spent. Considering that many security guard applicants do not have easy Internet access, your 24-hours a day phone pre-interview service is the most effective recruiting tool we have.

    Your automated service allows Vested Security to be more accurate, consistent and efficient. Now I can review all applicant data from our online site according to my schedule. The applicant data I receive by email is also available online. This has made my entire HR team more efficient in processing new and previous applicants. Considering most job-seekers are submitting Phone Pre-interviews during nights and weekends I am very pleased with the 24-hour automated service.

    We now spend less time with the logistics of processing job-seekers and more time talking with pre-qualified applicants. TurboHR is fully integrated into our recruiting and hiring process. We are grateful to have you as a valuable partner.

    I will be happy to speak with any other prospects or clients you have that would like to receive my candid feedback.

    Congratulations again on being named 2009 Vested Security Vendor of the Year.


    Chuck Pena
    Vested Security, President