• Kevin:
    I would like to take a moment to commend and thank you for all your help in implementing Team GB&T and GB&T Cares. Your patience during the development and implementation process is greatly appreciated.

    Our first endeavor, GB&T Cares, has now been up since April of 2006 and we have experienced a great response from our external clients. It is comforting to know that all the hard work and training that has been put around customer service excellence has paid off. This system not only provides us with real time information, but certainly keeps our team members on their toes.

    With the valuable information provided to management by GB&T Cares, we implemented Team GB&T to monitor the success of our internal customer service. We put this program in place a couple weeks ago and have already had over 90 internal surveys taken. Again, we feel this is a true success.

    In both instances there was concern of resistance by our team members, however, with your recommendation on roll out, we experienced just the opposite. Team members openly solicited feedback from our internal and external clients.

    Before implementing Instant Evaluate, we interviewed several other providers. We are very pleased that we partnered with you and Instant Evaluate. We have found your product to be the most efficient, flexible, timely and cost effective. Equally important, however, we have found your levels of customer service to be outstanding.