The Narz Group's industry-specific products can be highly customized to meet the specific needs within an industry.

Blood Donor Industry:

Donor Service Management  makes it easy for Blood Centers to gather and collect large quantities of satisfaction data from donors and corporate sponsors.

Salon Industry: caters to the salon industry which allows store locator services and recruiting services.
Clients: Sport Clips


Instant caters to the hospitality industry. We have become specialist at analyzing existing services and providing a better service for much less money.

      • For Customers and Employees
        • Phone Surveys
        • Internet Surveys
        • Text Surveys
      • Phone Pre-interviews
      • Internet Pre-interviews
      • Text Pre-interviews
      • Custom Assessments
      • Automated Scheduling
      • Phone Store Locator
      • Internet Store Locator
      • Our flagship product. Provides automated phone, Internet and text surveys for customers and employees. Very cost-effective and easy to use.
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      • Automated Phone & Internet Survey service completely customized for Blood Centers to gain feedback from donors & sponsors of blood drives.
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      • TurboHR is designed to be easy to use for job seekers and management. Job seekers that take phone or Internet interviews will find the service friendly and fast.
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      • Scheduling interviews is much more than just filling time slots. Auto-Scheduler speeds up and simplifies the Applicant-to-Hire process.
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      • Instant Locate links customers to your products via your own dedicated toll-free phone number and/or the Web.
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